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We are experts in IT systems, platforms and business applications and passionate
about everything we do.

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We provide various consultancy and technology services to analyse, design, deploy and support IT systems and applications.

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Since 1999, we have helped many companies to successfully resolve complex IT issues with superior economics.

Identity Solutions offers customers the best in class, secure, reliable and integrated software and hardware solutions. By developing and applying technology in uniquely effective ways we deliver solutions that address customer needs, enable growth, accelerate enterprise performance and lower total cost of ownership.
Our expertise across the industry’s major vendor technologies is well recognised.

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IdentityIQRisk, espionage and financial fraud... are attention grabbing lines in the press today involving high visibility incidents affecting thousands of innocent victims and potentially millions of dollars in damage.
These incidents are hardly confidence inspiring for corporate CEOs and thier respective boards of directors.


Employees need simple and secure access to their applications.
While many of these apps are still on premise, a growing number have moved to the cloud or are native apps on tablets and smart phones. Okta provides a modern, cloud based Identity and Access Management Solution to connect employees, partners, customers and devices.

ControlMMore than 50% of business transactions are processed in batches. Business relies on error-free, cost-effective, timely, and efficient batch processing, capable of meeting the changing business demands. BMC Control-M solution will enable you to schedule and manage everything - down to the very last platform and application - from a single control point.

sl MyITWelcome to the New IT - MyIT. The IT experience is changingand the consumerisation of IT is no longer just a buzzword. Employees are expecting of corporate services the access and convenience they experience at home, demanding more choice, more options, and more flexibility in the technology that they use at work.

Bomgar-slBOMGAR solution supports remote desktops, servers, network devices, smartphones and systems outside the network – all from one screen, even if they are behind firewalls that you don’t control!

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